Google Tweaks Gmail a bit

Google has brought in a couple of changes into the the Gmail. The first and foremost it has updated its contact manager. There you will see a couple of new lists, namely 'Most Contacted' and 'Suggested Contacts' fields.
What does these feature do? Now instead of automatically adding 'anyone whom you mail once' to your contacts, it adds only those whom you mail frequently. That is only those with whom you have had several correspondences would be added to your contacts, unlike earlier when single correspondence used to do so.

So with whom you haven't had enough enough correspondences would be added into suggested contacts list and not to my contacts. All the imported and manually added contacts would be added to My Contacts nevertheless.
There is another list named Most contacted , in which all those with whom you converse most are added.

Personally speaking the Suggested Contact feature is a nice one, as single conversations would often lead up to bloated Contact list, which was harder to manage. With this feature it would be easier to manage contacts. And Yeah, you can always move a suggested contact to My Contacts.

Another Feature that you must have seen by now was the Last Account Activity feature. Gmail now displays your last account activity . To see this you would have to see the bottom of your Gmail page. On clicking the details you would be able to see last 5 session details, and whether your account is active on any other computer or not. It also gives you the option to sign Gmail out of all the other sessions .

Nice features to keep your Gmail Safe and Clean


  1. I liked the auto add feature :P

  2. but I didn't , My total contact list has swelled over 400 people :|


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