Google Retires Adsense Referral Ads

Google is retiring its Adsense referral programme. This was revealed in a mail mailed to me by Adsense today , which means soon the referral ads that were showing onto your sites would disappear by August end.

They have sent mail to all adsense users and also have notified this on the Adsense Blog. Here is an excerpt:
They haven't particularly notified of any reason to do so, but have given a general reason of long term planning. Maybe the Referral program was not useful as against adsense for content. So Beginning September there would be no adsense referral ads being served and just white spaces may remain.
They have given a few Tips and possible advices what we can do for this.
> Google Affiliate Network: You can check it out from here -
> If you have less than 3 adsense for content ads per page, you can replace referral ads by AFC ads.
> Remove the referral Codes before the end of august as after that it would be blank spaces until the codes are removed
> Save your adsense referral reports onto your desktop, as they would not be available after October.

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