Google Docs have Templates

Google Docs are improving for sure. After Adding a slew of features in Google Docs, Google Team has added another new feature : Templates. Templates were missing till now and as per the demand of the Docs users they have added Some Good Templates.

With No templates in Google Docs, the created pages looked plain jane, or they had to be Created using Other Office softwares. So by the Official Notification from Google Docs team, they have added many new templates.
You can browse through the whole Directory here. Google Docs Templates Directory

To start a document with templates you can either goto Template Directory and select any template to start
Go to New menu and select from template.
New > From Template

What This Update Misses:
This is a really nice Feature but what it does miss is that There is no option from which I could add a template to an existing doc. Hope they implement this in their next update. Till then Suffice with this and Enjoy the new found Templates :)

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  1. finally getting closer to perfection ;)

  2. Yea, Free plus Feature rich :D


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