Google Crawls Flash !!!

Junk all your SEO lessons that you had learned till now, this is one hell of a news. All the SEO lessons that said bots don't crawl flash have been laid to rest. Google has worked on with Adobe - the makers of flash to make the flash content more crawlable.

This has come as a welcome move for all the SEO experts who were earlier moving away from Flash content because of it being Search unfriendly.
> So any textual matter present in the flash content of a site is now crawlable. This means the text present in your buttons, menus are now indexable.
> Google crawls only .swf files and not .flv files
> As Google can't crawl some types of javascripts so if your site loads a flash through a javascript, google may not be able to crawl that flash file.
Adobe has worked on with Google and Yahoo, to work on this aspect and maybe this is an offspring of the Google - Yahoo collaboration.

More Information can be obtained from here:
Google now Crawls Flash | Improved Flash Indexing | Adobe Press Release

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