Orkut - Deleted Community Tab

Orkut has been at the helm of development these days and in its quest to improve the usability and user-friendliness they have another tab in the communities page. They had recently introduced the Recommended Communities to the user home page, as also the Deleted Community Tab in the Communities page.

The deleted Communities tab tells which all communities that you had joined have been deleted now. It is a good feature just to let the user know that a specific community is deleted now and is no longer accessible.
On clicking the deleted community's link you will be directed to a page that shows that the particular community is disabled now and also the reason for deletion of the community.
This is a pretty good feature considering it would save many a lot of hassles of searching for a community that no longer exists.

EDIT: Thanks Gaurav for letting me know that the feature was already present there since some time :)

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  1. This is quite old a feature now.

  2. Sorry Didn't noticed. Took notice of it when one community was deleted by orkut people.

  3. I agree with Gaurav 1.0 :D

  4. yea already acknowledged it ;)
    anyways I was happy that Gaurav Visited herein. He is one of the most active Orkut Bloggers on the blogosphere, also Rahul of Devilsworkshop

  5. hiiiiiii...............
    can any one provide me information how to hack yahoo or orkut
    if any want to send some informatino regarding this they can send me info to my id

  6. Hi Vinay, First of all let me tell you most cases of ID and Pass theft are due to Phishing attempt rather than actual password cracking. And myself like many bloggers do not oblige to such requests.



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