Google Talk Lab Edition adds Invisible Mode

Google had introduced Google talk Lab Edition some time back, which according to them was the desktop based client for their Web based Google Talk Widget. They have recently added a new functionality in the client that is remaining Invisible.

Invisible feature was only available to the Gmail based chats and not for the Desktop based clients but now Google has added Invisible Option to Google Talk Lab Edition too.Which means it is doing something for desktop clients.
Still Google Talk Lab Edition is really short of features. No file Sharing, No Voice Chat, But as Pointed at its launch it has the Orkut , Gmail and Calendar notifications. But its good that Google has been doing something for the beloved Google Talk.


[Thanks Rahul For the Update]

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  1. thiz is cool news :D

  2. yea... Now no need to remain Idle using gAlwaysIdle. Just remain Invisible :D

  3. Welcome to the site Shrikanth :) Keep up with us for more

  4. That is probably not the best news thou... get ready for troubles when changing your gmail account setting to invisible... you won't be able to login to that account anymore...
    I say wait till google guys produces newer version that fixes that bug...


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