Add YouTube Videos to Orkut Directly

Orkut users always love to share their favorite videos with others. The videos range from anything to anything, but it was a pain to get the URL of the YouTube Videos and paste it into the Favorite Videos to add it to Orkut Videos. Google has Facilitated us with a direct sharing feature from YouTube itself.

As Orkut is on 'Add Feature' Spree which is quite visible during last few days, Google has Added another user friendly feature, this time with Favorite Videos.
There is no need to copy and paste the YouTube video link in Orkut videos anymore. You can directly add it to Orkut from YouTube.
All you have to do is Click on the 'more share options' link at the botton of the video. This will enable other sharing options for the video. Click onto the Orkut link that is present there.

Now you will be taken to the Orkut Favourite Video Page where the URL of the youtube Video is already inserted. So you have to just select 'Add Video' link to add the video.

Voila you just added a video from youtube with such an ease. Go and share your Favorite videos.

[Via : Orkut Blog]

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  1. Woow this is cool
    morever there are sharing options for other services also :)
    youtube is getting better every day :D

  2. Yea... thats the effect of being associated with google. The fastest rising internet companydoes have many things to offer.


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