Orkut Updates : 10000 pictures , One click Rearrange

Looks Like Orkut People are doing overtime now a days.. Withing last few months they have added so many features into this social networking site that two years preceding that couldn't do. So whats latest in the addition aka. Upgrading of orkut is a few features added to the album section of ORKUT. They have added some features like multiple Photo uploads , one click reorder and also the limit of total number of photographs have been increased to 10000...

So this is just a addition of a couple of zeros into the last Photo limit that we were having till date. Which measn you can have 10000 photographs total in albums with the limit on a single album being 100.
Also they have aded one click photograph reorder so you can just click on the reorder photos link and just drag them to rearrange the photos... Also multiple photographs upload has been added which most of you might have used by now.
All the three features are clearly visible in the the snapshot attached below.

So now no need to create a Picassa Album or a Flickr account just for Pictures... Upload as many you want right there into ORKUT
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