New Design Theme For CorpseofAttic [An Overview]

So you may have noticed it, at least those who have been coming over here regularly. The look and feel of the site has changed quite a much. The template now looks a lot more cleaner and elegant.

So Actually why did we change the design theme. The very first Reason was to utilize maximum space for writing in the blog. So What I wanted was to Shorten the length of the Blog and expand its Width.
The new Theme is BlogohBlog which was redone for Blogger by Jacky. It features a three column template with main post on the left and two columns on the right with left column being narrower than the right one.
Also Implemented are the Ajax labels for categories and so you can just click on a label and the related posts open on the top right without you having to leave the page.
Also the theme has Related posts widgets installed. Courtesy Hoctro | Jackbook So you can see related posts just as you view a Post.
We have a Recent Post widget onto the footer columns and a Recent Comment widget on right sidebar.

The Comments have full backlinking so you can get some link love on the Name of the Commenter whilst You comment. To do so Please prefer using Name/URL option from the comment box instead of signing in with your blogger ID.

So how do you like the new theme Just drop in your reviews so that we can Improve.

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