Have you Tried YouTube Warp ?

I just got to notice this feature around a week ago and the feature looked quite interesting although the exact usability of the Warp feature is still not clear. So it is more of a visual gimmick rather than any path breaking feature.

So what is it? Actually warp speed is a visual way to browse through the youtube videos. What it actually does is when you view a video in the warp mode then you see small bubbles each depicting related videos to your main video. When you hover above any other video then related videos to that video too pop up. You can move around using the arrows on the four sides of page or by dragging the blank space.
To view a video just click on the bubble and the video starts. A small green dot on the top left corner of screen helps you come back to your original video if you wandered a bit too far away from it. Here is a screenshot.
Check out one video yourself: Check the Warp
You can enter warp mode by viewing a video in full screen mode and then clicking a small triangle next to the Play button.
You can also enter Warp directly by going to: Youtube Warp
To view any video in warp player enter http://youtube.com/warp.swf?v="Video ID" where Video ID is the numerical part attached to any youtube Video link. For Example if the youtube video link is http://youtube.com/watch?v=YtvKLtMnH4U you have to make it http://youtube.com/warp.swf?v=YtvKLtMnH4U

But there is no visible reason to use the warp feature as also too many warp bubbles make the browser feel laggy. So just Test it out those who haven't tested it yet.

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