Google PageRanks Updated : We get a Rank

Google Page rank update was due for this time around and so since last 3-4 days my Page rank was fluctuating from the earlier '0' to either N/A or 1. But now it looks like that Page rank update is complete or so it seems... as the Google toolbar is showing a constant PR now...

So We are constantly seeing a Page rank of 1 . I have Captured a snapshot from and as we can see the Page rank is !. THis is good considering that it has been just 3 months since bought this domain name and so its quite good as a starter option. Had this blog had a domain so maybe the rank would have been beter but considering the infrequent postings and new domain it is a good start for now :).

So do hope for some real good articles in coming weeks but till then do keep in touch with us through the site.
Thanks a lot to all the readers of this site and Google for giving this very beautiful blogging platform called Blogger and that too free ;)

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