Gmail Goes Faster

Now I am not joking about this. It is true that Gmail has become faster. Actually Gmail has got a faster loading sequence which means that it would load faster on slower connections from now on.

Now this speed difference will not be visible to any of the broadband users as it hardly matters how fast Gmail loads but for all those people on dialups this will come out to be very significant.The first thing that everyone would have noticed about the Gmail interface is that they have got a totally new loading sequence now. Insteat of that plain old loading text in red that used to be displayed earlier, they have got a real nice loading bar which loads real fast.
If Google is to be beleived, their new loading sequence fastens up the loading time upto 20% faster on slower Connections and that is quite a substantial change.They have done quite a lot of testing to check this. So this is some real good work by Gmail Team. Great Going Gmail.

Go check it yourself: Gmail

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  1. Yeps, I have experienced some change, and the interface is now cool with the loading bar...

    Dude, its great... This is the first time I am viewing a blogger based blog with such a good template.... Very nice design....

    Pavan Kumar

  2. This is gr8 thing :)
    thx for telling gaurav :D

    @PaVAN Even I noticed the same thing when I came to this blog :P

  3. @ Siddarth and Pavan
    Thanks for your comments once again :)
    and sorry for not replying at the earliest cuz m already down with fever amidst my end sem exams :|

    But can you guys please tell me about how fast the pages load, cuz I have received some reviews about it being taking some time to load on slower connections

  4. get well soon maamu :D
    all the best for ur exams :D
    I can not tell the diff in speed but a moving meter makes a thing look move faster :D


  5. Nice Idea ;)
    Would be doing some thing about this bloated file size :P
    Thanks for the wishes :)
    Google says the blog is 90K gotta cut the fat out

  6. Yeah.. Saw new loading sequence and some speed improvements... But for slower connections, Basic HTML View is still a breeze...

  7. Yea Actually the normal Gmail has also been a breeze sice the update. almost negligible time to load :)

  8. Yes Gmail is rarely very fastest nice sharing.


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