Explore the sky with Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

WorldWide Telescope or WWT as it is called has been released by the Microsoft Corporation for the public to download it and use it.This is akin to Google Earth and can be used by anyone to explore the sky, in a same way as the astronomers do.

This is just not any Google earth lookalike or any competitor to Google Sky but if Microsoft is to be believed this combines the best of the Land based and Space based telescopes to give you the very best of outer space experience.
but today its all about competition, So how it goes on with Google Sky is yet to be seen but before anyone asks you to grab your copy Go get it now.
Grab your Telescope: WorldWide Telescope
But one thing is for sure, it won't raise any security related issues into any one's mind as many people and many Nations made with the kind of images Google Earth produced, because Space is still No-Man's land ;)

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