OFFLINE Login into Orkut / Facebook

Okay... Don't jump in excitement just by reading the headline.. What we are talking about is just a development under progress through which you may just be able to access Orkut or Facebook without connecting to internet. And its just not accessing social network sites but also chat and share files.

Researchers at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed an application through which you can network with other people who have installed the same application. It consists of two basic components namely "Peersonaliser" and "Wipeer". WiPeer makees connection between two different computers using WiFi without the need of Internet connection and Peersonaliser is an App for Facebook and helps communication using the WiPeer.

So lets see how the apps shape up and how would they come up for public usage.. if they make it to reality, but the idea itself sounds cool enough. What about sitting in college and orkutting without using internet.. and possibly I wouldn't be there in college till then to see it happen...
Any ways till then use the Internet to chat though :P
News Source : Times of India
More Reading : American Technion Society

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  1. you hve given no tricks of no use

  2. Hi Saurabh,Probably you got this article wrong. I clearly mentioned this is a development under progress in the very first line.It was about how you would be able to access Social networking websites without using Internet. :)


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