Gone in 60 seconds

Now we are not going to discuss the movie over here.. Its something every one would love to use. So what am I talking about???
Lets make it very clear now... How many times have you been pissed Off by accidentally closing an application which you hadn't intended to and then ruing over it while you re-fired it and waited it to load again...

This is now the tool you had been waiting for your rescue... Now what you have to do... just run this small app in your windows and if you accidentally click the close button then all you have to do is right click on the Gonein60s icon in the system tray and choose the application you want to recover... whoa its so simple and great :D
So what is the 60 second thing in the name... actually its the default recovery time for an application to be recovered which you can change in the options... So now lesser ruing over that closed app.
So where to get it from?? you can get it from Gonein60Seconds