Download MSN Messenger 8.5 Directly

MSN Messenger - one of the most popular instant messaging clients. The latest version that is available is v8.5. Now as it is a part of Microsoft's Live products and as a part of Microsoft's strategy MS is giving it as a bundle with other Live products. Which means that there is no direct download link provided by Microsoft.

So any one who wants to download it for future use can't help it...
So in order to get MSN Messenger there are two ways.
  1. Directly Go to Microsoft's site and download it as a bundle or single pack of Live Products. This can be done by visiting here.
  2. Those who want to save it as a file can visit this external Mediafire link, so as to download it, earlier version users would be asked to upgrade their messenger.Download MSN Messenger Directly-Mediafire link
So till then Happy IMs.
btw somebody get these MS guys to get us a direct download link ;)