Another Google Mismatch

Now why does Google has such an affinity with G.W. Bush . Yea you are right its the current President of United States of America. Now what can be said as another Google bomb, just check out the following search results in your favourite Search Engine aka Google

  • Just fire up Google
  • search for
Who is a failure
and just check out the results.
or do so by directly clicking here Google Search - Who is a Failure

Whoa again its Prez Bush...
now thats called partiality... or a case of mistaken Identity.
Happy googling...


  1. cool blog dude..
    but corpse furore walo ke liye bhi kuch chod de..

  2. arrre yaar I'll make a better blog for them
    better theme and sab kuch better ;)

  3. whoooa great observation corpse


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