Opening Gmail in basic HTML view

How many of you have been stuck on a low bandwidth internet connection and your Gmail won't just open. It just loads and shows you a blank page. This happens when you are accessing gmail from a low bandwidth connection and/or a crappy PC. Gmail just shows loading for second time and man it is stuck. The remedy at that moment is to switch to the basic HTML view and check your mail. But what if it doesn't show you "Switch to basic HTML view" option after loading!!!

So here's the remedy. Sign into gmail and let it load. If it fully loads well and good but if it takes time or gets stuck just paste the following code into the address bar

and Voila the Gmail opens in basic html view. Some features like chat may be disabled but You'll have to suffice with that.


  1. hi there this is very nice thing dat u have added .this will help me in my office where i can,t open de gmail but wid ur help i tried it and dat was very easily opened in HTML view
    thanx so much 4 this i hope u will also add some more good stuff thanx again..

  2. hi i found de solution of my promblem about gmail that it could not open due to low bandwidth or speed so the link as given by u i paste in address bar and press ENTER it help me 2 chek my main in HTML view thanx for this
    and i hope u will also add some more good stuff 2.and some gossip newz also hahahaha... thanx bye>>>

  3. For computers that are not performing good technical.

  4. Thank you. Still works today.


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