Online DVD rental and Buying in INDIA

I was watching MTV Tech-Check that day and I got to know about one of the best Indian Online movie rental sites . It was Moviemart . It calls itself India's First online movie rental site. SO that was worth a check out. So I logged in and checked the website. The first page was very decent and enough to attract the crowd, defining what it is all about. The home page was easy for navigation clearly defining whether you want to rent the movie or buy it. It hosts various Hindi , English and movies in regional languages too, in almost all genres. The movie collection for the Hindi movies was good and also for the English ones. English movies were a bit more selective as I was not able to get "Shawshank Redemption" in their list. That was bad as I desperately needed that movie, but nevermind. So I thought of renting a movie . The procedure was pretty simple and all one has to do is register first with them which is quite simple. the select the movie and do a checkout.

Same is with the buying a movie too. There you have an option to opt for a new DVD/VCD or a used one. In all the buying is pretty simple.

The payment options are a bit unorthodox. There is no Paypal option in it and it has to be there when you are in for an internet business. The payment can be made either by Credit Card or Cheque or Cash. The credit cards supported are Visa and American Express(AmEx). Which is less as they should have supported master card too at least. The cheque and cash options are only with HDFC bank which is not good , they should have opted for more banks.

So after ordering a 300 DVD I wanted to check whether it would reach me within 24 hours. and voila it was home next evening. So that was a good part of it all that they managed to deliver it on time. So in all the site is pretty good and their service too but they lack in a few fronts, hope they get it corrected.
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