Legends :Muttiah Muralitharan

Now again I am late to write this blog on this legend from Sri Lanka, who when ratled the stumps of Paul Colingwood , became the test cricket's highest wicket taking bowler surpassing Shane Warne's record of 708 wickets. With Warney retired so murali has a comparitive easier task of taking the record to such heights that no one can ever scale that in the history of cricket, but that can be a speculation, because History says Records are made to be broken. Now that both are legends so you can vever compare them with each other but a comparision is inevitable, So here goes my opinion: I think Warney is Much better than Murali and I have my own reasons for this. Firstly Leg Spin is a more difficult anart than Off spin. Secondly Warney has not played bangladesh as much as murali has - no sarcasm intended but its a reality, bangladesh tour and other low team tours are rampant in Srilankan Cricket. Thirdly Sub-Continent Pitches are more suited to spin than those in Australia.Fourthly Murali has his arm bend by birth so that possibly aids in his spin.

But nevermind Murali is a legend and would continue to spin his magical web over the batsmen all over the world for years to come.