Legends Never Die : Sachin

Now what a better way to start Off with a blog, writing the blog on the legend : GOD Sachin .

So yesterday was the match b/w India and Pakistan, the fourth ODI at Gwalior, and what we got to see was again a reminisence of the sachin of the past, the sachin who gave nightmares to warney at sharjah. After the fall of wicket of saurav, sachin cut loose . with no support from gambhir too sachin continued to play the way he used to... dominate the bowlers, the " kill'em all " the Sachin played and in the meantime veeru also found a bit of his touch :D . the sachin since england series has been a revelation , shuttin his critics fron their heads to toes. he is playin the way we all love him to be, the only thing that left desired was his century. it has been 6 times this year that he has been out in ninties, including three 99's . But what has been awesome is the return of the sachin of the past. No mater how close ponting n others close in on his centuries Sachin has been the legend n will be.

Matter of Fact : Had Sachin converted all his nintees into centuries yesterday would have had been his hundredth Century :D , nevermind.. Sachin has been the God n will be .


  1. Yes totally Correct Sachin has been playin good. He is just fabulous now.


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