Orkut : Comment on Individual Photographs

Its seriously raining features on ORKUT. After addition of Apps and 10000 photos and One click Album Rearrange, comes another feature on orkut which many thought was a must and was absent . Commenting on photographs. So orkut listened and granted the wish. So from now you can comment on photos in other's albums.

So you can just view any of your friends albums and comment on any photo... So this was just another feature that must have been added long before but better late than never.
now for you to know who has commented on your photos you can check the bottom of your Orkut Home Page and there in you can see the Recent Photo Comments column. So any comment on your photos would be visible there.Now Hope Orkut adds some such feature into the Videos page too instead of that leave scrap link therein.
And I must say... Post Scheduling Simply rocks... because This was a Scheduled post ;)

Update: Official Orkut Blog link

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