Orkut Apps Are Finally Open in INDIA

Orkut Apps are finally in India. Today Morning when I checked orkut one thing that I noticed was that an Orkut App was showing onto my home page. The first thing that came to my mind Orkut Apps are finally Open :D and After My college when I came back home all my friend updates were filled with one or the Other Application.

So now no more you need to change your country to Estonia to use Orkut Apps.. They are finally in India. So just login into your orkut account and check them out.

or you may check out the apps link onto the sidebar on your home page and check out various apps that Orkut has in store for you... they also have card game aka. Flash to be played.
So happy orkuting and toying around with the apps ;)
Tell us about what you think about the Apps.. are they useful or just another fun aspect added to orkut.
Another thing I noticed in orkut that the top four navigation bars have a new link added namely the Profile link.

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  1. Thats a good news! Thanks for the info!

  2. A very Old news :P
    Apps came to orkut and have gone down in their usage too ;)


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