Timeline for Pages is here [New Facebook Pages]

Well the timeline feature that Facebook launched was received with mixed reviews by the social media. Few loved it and few outright hated it, and yes there was no going back. Now the clock has come full circle with Facebook announcing that it would be implementing Timeline for Pages soon.

The Facebook Page Owners would be seeing a message as shown below which says that on 30th March 2012 , The all new Facebook pages would be going live. Till that time you can test drive the feature and once you are ready you can publish it. And yes once you publish the page there is no going back to the old design even before 30th of march.


The new pages would be a kin to the Facebook Timeline, and would show the activity on your page chronologically backwards.

Well the main features of the New Facebook Pages would be :

  • Cover Photo : The same way as it is on timeline profiles, you can choose a cover photo for your page. The advantages of using the cover photo is giving your Page a unique identity. As can be seen in the example the official Manchester United page on Facebook showcases the cover page as the team after their 19th Championship victory.


  • Pin the Post : Pin the post on your page timeline so that it is easily visible to your visitors.
  • Private Messages :  you can also send the private message to the page (if the page has enabled it) and the admin of the page would see it in the admin area as can be seen in this Plugged.in Facebook Page..


Unlike Timeline for profiles , timeline for pages is inevitable, and 30th march ‘12 is the day. So what can you do.

Till that time you can :

  • Clean-up your timeline
  • Work on cover image – make it catchy and sassy as that is going to be your brand’s identity on Facebook.

Test drive the new Facebook pages and let us know if you like it or not.

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