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One Paisa Per Second calls in India

TataDOCOMO, which is a joint venture of Tata Teleservices and NTT DOCOMO, INC. (Japan) has been launched. This is the GSM brand of the Tata Teleservices, who already have Tata Indicom in the CDMA segment. With the launch they have come up with pretty interesting plans, and the best of them is the One Paisa per second call schemes that they have introduced.

The service ahs eben launched only in select states namely 'Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh' and would slowly be expanded to other parts of nation. This is the first time taht a teleservice provider is offering its plans on a 'Per second' basis which probably should come cheaper to end users. The plan lets you to call anywhere in india at just one paisa per second.

The company has just launched its Prepaid services a sof now, and post paid services would be available from 1st of july. There are other attractive features including Free Voice-mail and 2paisa per second Voice Chat.

How the plans are accepted by the general public is yet to be seen, and we would surely wait for a complete national rollout. But this spells good news for customers who will have to pay only for the amount of time they actually talk.

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Wow ! it such nice scheme. The call will be cheaper now and it sounds good for the Tata tele users.

Its unbelievable but TATA can do any thing. Its will be a new revolution in telecoms in India.

any service provider in india provides std calling on 1 number outside the state less than 50 paisa per minute?

One paisa per second means sixty paisa per minute Not bad.

According to 9th June 2008 BSNL news, BSNL is offering its customers a choice of two BSNL numbers to make local and STD calls at 20 paise and 60 paise per minute, respectively. But whom is this applicable to and how can we choose these two numbers?

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i want to get lowest call rates to a single particular vodafone local number.plz suggest me the best option.may it be prepaid or postpaid.

The call will be cheaper now and it sounds good for the Tata tele users.

I had asked many user of this scheme . They said that its good but not so well.

@ Above

U guys from India ???

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There are many other services here in India which are more cheaper than it. BSNL is best for Indian.

I am in north side of india and my family is in south. Every month i am getting huge amounts of mobile bills. I want to get rid out of this. I heard that using Skype software we can make STD calls in india for free.

Really Excellent Work !! Thanks For this great news this is super helpful for me because i live in uk and i need this facility you provide me Thank you dear..

Per second billing is a good idea. Why pay for whole minutes when you only talk for part of it? phone plans should become more attractive as they start to face more competition from the online services such as Skype.

This is good information. This will definitely help a lot of people save money.


I love the fact that the internet is changing the phone system, and making it cheaper for people to make calls, I remember a few years ago, it was quite expensive to make calls per minute, now it is significantly cheaper! =D

Till then,


Really nice program! I wish I was in India.

I also love the fact that internet is changing the phone system.

is the service good for the rate being offered.

It's such a scam that other phone companies bill by the minute. It's not like it would be difficult for their software to keep track of the seconds too. It's just a money grab.

How can i make free STD calls in india from PC to mobile phone using internet connection?

What is the cheapest and most reliable way to make calls from Saudi to India?

Try net telephony.

Till then,


@AC: I think I have to agree with you.

Till then,


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