10 Most Popular Orkut Apps [India]

Since the launch of Orkut Apps in India , some apps have gained quite some popularity, and have clearly outpaced other apps in terms of sheer publicity and the number of users. Some have gone down with the course of time and some have emerged as new leaders. So here is a list of most popular Orkut Apps which I have collected by the number of recent updates delivered through them.

So as we start, we have the current leaders who are currently showing most updates.

1. Slapster

Slapster orkut app
This is the current hot favorite, who loads or chaps being slapped for some reason or the other. And some slapped for no reason whatsoever ;) So Add Slapster and Start Slapping.

2. Chakpak Movies

Chapak Movies Orkut App
I personally dislike such apps, but loads of people are taking the movie quizzes and asking other friends to showoff their scores. Good App for movie buffs, and worth a try for them. Add Chakpak Movies to your Profile.

3. Teen Patti

Any card games lover would just simply love this app. Teen patti is actually Indian version of the Card Game ‘Flash’ and so is not that hard to understand. Play it, make virtual money with it, and show off ;) Play Teen Patti.

4. Emote

Ooze out your feelings with Emote. The app has lots of custom smileys, which you can use to show off your emotions. Get emote for your profile. And yes people still Emote .

5. CricXchange

This app has been on downslide as of now, but its fervor was at its high during the IPL season, but has died out since. Track and manage your Players with CricXchange

6. Bollympics

Bollympics orkut app
This is the rising sun in the game apps area. Loads of free and fundoo games which anyone would love Playing. Check out the Bollympics app, and do try out ramgarh riders ;)

Other Notable Apps : Music iLike, iPoke , Chat and Free SMS

If you like any other app, or you find it fundoo enough to be shared with others, share it with us.


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  2. I think the slapped app is pretty funny. I can see why it is the hot favorite. As for the card game, I have never heard of the game "flash" I am sure its pretty fun though if its so popular.


  3. CricXchange is the most popular application of the orkut. In this application you can purchased a players and bet on that players..

  4. Vibez is one the most best designed and is a must have for any orkut users.
    Just search for Vibez in app dictionary and you'll get this app.


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