Yahoo Messenger 9 is out

yahoo messenger logoWe all know that Yahoo messenger is one of the most preferred messengers all over the world. The latest version of the Messenger , version 9 had been in beta for quite sometime , which has now come up with its stable release. there have been a loads of featured changes in the messenger, both functionally and also aesthetically. It still has the good old features of the erstwhile messenger alongside adding a slew of new features in its repertoire.

The features that were present earlier too, do include the likes of :yahoo-messenger-9

  • Instant Messaging
  • Chat Rooms
  • PC to PC calls
  • File and Photo Sharing ( The file size limit has been increased to 2GB from 1 GB )
  • SMS / Text messaging
  • Webcam
  • Conferencing (yes its still present, and is as good as before)
  • Support for other networks (Windows Live™ Messenger, Reuters Messaging, and Lotus Sametime )
  • Almost all the features of the Old messengers are still present.

But there have been a lot of new features that have made it to the Messenger 9

  • Status Messages Remain even after you log out and come back in again. messenger-updates-broadcast
  • Built in support for Playing YouTube Videos and previewing Image files.
  • Changed look and feel of messenger
  • Customize how you wish to see your Contacts - Detailed List or Compact list.
  • Tabbed Message Boxes ( Not available in messenger for windows XP)
  • Update Broadcasting – Control what all updates you broadcast (see pic) to others including avatar changes and MyBlogLog Updates. It can be controlled from Visiting Manage Yahoo! Updates page.
  • Themes have been made built-in for the Messenger

It has been so much feature packed messenger that you should not miss it. Amongst all the features there has been one feature that has been downgraded a bit, the Plugins feature. And what I miss is the Yahoo Launchcast Plugin that used to come with the messenger, it is absent now. Watch this Video about Yahoo! Messenger

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  1. I think the new yahoo messenger is like... some kind of Window Live Messenger copy cat
    I personally prefer the old version, works faster.


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