MyBlogLog or MBL . It is what social networking of bloggers can be summed as today. Its all the Buzz about a site especially the blogs. This is an easier way to communicate amongst different publishers and also among the publisher and its readers.

So why Am I writing this post about MBL is to verify My site onto their network but along with that it can be quite informative too. So what you see on a site is a widget as you can see onto the right of the page. This widget shows who all the recent visitors to your site are and displays their MBL profile pic therein.So this goes on so smoothly that you won/t feel a whiff. and if you are an ardent fan of a site you can just join the community of that site and be connected to it.
Also you can visit the profiles and sites of other publishers who visit your site/blog. Moreover the admins (aka. the site owners) can send mails to their community members, so as to inform them of anything he intends to. Moreover you can add keywords to a site so that other users can know about it.
The best part is that it has become a Yahoo! service so you don't need to sign in separately, just sign-in using your Yahoo ID and you are done.So I think thats enough for MyBlogLog.Join My Community at MyBloglog!
Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

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