Show off your Blog Followers [Blogger Feature]

Blogger has added another new feature, which is going to be implemented on all of the Blogger blogs in next few weeks to come. It would be somewhat like the MyBlogLog Widget wherein you can show off your Followers to others. This feature is going to be really cool for those who wish to show their fan followings, without the need of another external widget of tool.

This feature can be used from the followers gadget available in the Add a Gadget menu from the Layouts panel. The gadget shows the different followers of your Blog and also has a link to 'follow the blog.' You can see the number of your blog followers on your dashboard. Here are the official screenshots of the feature.blogger followers


follower-gadgetSo if you are facing the check out later screen in the gadget list like me, do not worry it will be available soon on your blog.



More can be read from the Official Blog Post on Blogger Buzz!


  1. Its great service, we waiting to publish it anyware :)

  2. Hi, PR Project, welcome to CoA. I am myself waiting for the service and would like to give it a shot, when it is available to me. Do notify if you get it :)

  3. Ok, no problem. We check everyday for this service and can't wait :)

  4. Thats Great :D Frankly its good that Blogger is dishing out services that we all love to see on our Blogs.

  5. anyone know how to count the total followers in blog and displaying the number of followers on the blog?

  6. Hi Renise,
    I haven't tried the feature as of yet. Would let you know as soon as possible

  7. Hi Renise,
    Almost Forgot to tell you that it is very easy to check the number of followers of your blog.

    When You login to your Blogger dashboard, you can actually see the number of followers of your each Blot, to the right of the Blog name. Refer to the second Pic in the Blog Post.
    Hope it helped :)

  8. Looks like a good new feature.

  9. Nice feature. Thanks for the link love.


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