Chat in Hindi using Transliteration

Some time back we had discussed with you how to chat in Hindi using Google Talk. Now we have a better way to chat in Hindi than that method. The new Method is based on Google Transliteration rather than Translation methodology of the earlier one.

This new method employs same means of Google Bot to transliterate what you type in English to Hindi.

Steps to be taken:
>> Add to your friend list in Google Talk.
>> Start a chat with the bot to convert it into Hindi. Remember type in the same phonetics in English

Like type "aap kaise hain?" to convert it to "आप कैसे हैं?" so it transliterates your Phonetically same sentence in English to Hindi. The Transliteration method is pretty much accurate and reliable than the Translation method. If you want a better chat system you can refer the Official GoogleTalk Blog

There are some other transliteration bots available in other Indian Languages. They are Kannada (, Malayalam (, Tamil ( and Telugu ( Which means you can chat in other Native Indian languages too.

गो एंड युस दिस.. Okay you can do better than this... Happy Chatting.