Good Bye Windows XP

The OS we all loved to the core and probably the best OS made by Microsoft ever.( I know many Vista users would tend to disagree with me but I would differ) has retired. Microsoft had put a 30 June deadline to XP,and so it has stopped the supply of XP to retailers from today, which means that XP will not be available pre-bundled with Branded computers from now on. XP would be available only with low config PC's as a pre-bundled OS.

The ardent XP fans had protested against the move and for once it looked that the farewell could be delayed but that was not to be so. The stoppage of supply of XP has almost coincided with the Departure of Bill Gates from Microsoft.
XP had been the longest running OS from the Microsoft stable released back in 2002 and was the most popular OS by Microsoft. The had Hardware requirements of Vista had made it even more popular, and considering its demand there were rumors that Microsoft might just change its decision, but that wasn't to be so. Many had requested the firm to delay XP's retirement until the release of Windows 7, but to no avail.
Nevertheless its time to bid adieu to XP even though the company has promised full support to XP until the end of 2009 and partial support up to 2014. Bye Windows XP.

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