Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft

This can be considered as an end of an era at Microsoft, the company Co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft Corp. is stepping aside after today's work in office. He would be handing over the reins to his most coveted workmen especially Steve Ballmer.

The Microsoft Legend changed the way the world sees computers with Windows and the way it computes and does work with Office, its so sad for him to leave Microsoft at just an age of 52.
He is leaving the firm at a time when it is facing the stiffest competition ever it has faced, from the likes of open source, Google and a resurgent Macintosh. And Mac followers won't be having Gates at their disposal from now on to take a swing at. He will be retired by the time you would be reading this post.
Bill would be now focusing on only philanthropic work under the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" even though he would be the chairman of the board of directors. Everything apart this day would be a Historic day in the Software Industry, as the person who changed he way we look at the world retires, he did it way before Google came into our lives and ages ago open-source had put up its head.
Bill we will surely miss you and won't forget your contribution to us and the Industry.Your era as a workman may have ended but not as a person :)

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