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Now this is going to be real interesting.The default behavior for the Blogger To display the title of pages is to show the Name of Blog first and then the title of post page with a colon ':' in between. There have been attempts by the blogging and tech community to change this using the Blog2 widget hack but now that hack had been deprecated by the Blogger Team. But now we got a surprise in store.

And the surprise came from none other than the Blogger Team. According to their May 9 Updates :
Layouts now has a blog.pageName datum that gives the name of the current page without the “[Blog Name]: ” prefix that blog.pageTitle adds.

So we have got a whiff of life from them.
So now to the Actual Part. How to Change the Title for Blogger Post Pages.
This is the default behavior of blogger:

So we don't need to have that name of Site in starting on the Post Page title as this also has SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspects that have to be taken care of too.

  • So Goto Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to Layout > Edit HTML
  • Backup your Existing Template
  • Search for the Following code in the HTML part:


  • Now replace that entire part with this code:
<!-- Start of Changing the Blogger Title Tag -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<!-- End of Changing the Blogger Title Tag -->

Save your Template, and you are done.

Some people like to have their blog's name after the PostPage title like this:

So in this Code you can add the Blog Title or for that case any keyterm

So replace the Keyterm with your custom words and you are done.
Hope you enjoyed this little Blogger tweak.
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  1. That didn't work for me. Thanks for the info though.

  2. Thanks for reminding... I have rectified that... :) it had an extra quotation mark

  3. Thanx a lot for this tip as i thought that my all page will have the same page title.

  4. Welcome Nikhil, Yea earlier all pages used to have the 'Blog name' added to title always, but now it can be changed.

  5. Great post. Some of the code that's out there doesn't work with newer blogger templates. Thanks!

  6. Thanks a lot Bill, Yea many codes that are available have become obsolete, as the trick that was used by them was deprecated by Blogger team.

  7. Good article, it works for me. Thanks for sharing. Can you share me how to display comment box on post visible, like your blog have.
    DotNetGuts (DNG)

  8. Hi DotnetGuts , welcome to CorpseofAttic. Nice that it worked for you :)
    The Comment Form you are referring to can be seen here Inline Comments
    Also you check out related articles too.

  9. thanks so much! worked perfectly!!!

  10. Thanks a Lot Pinay :)
    Hope you like other hacks too.

  11. Great, it worked like a charm...

    Check it out here...


  12. Great atoztoa that it worked for you...

  13. Nice info. Thanks ATOzTOA for referring this, this is useful, great stuff corpseofattic.

    // Jadu

  14. It such worthy tips and it will really work. I will follow it.

  15. Excellent! That is exactly I was looking for my blog. Thank you so much.

  16. it is not working in my customized blogger theme. i have installed one customized theme at by blog, while changing the title, it has started showing errors

  17. It's working fine. But I have a problem with my blog. When i google "tomate joyeuse", it shows the date : monday the 26 october and not the title of my blog
    How can i solve the problem?

  18. Thanks for this tip. I have successfully used it on:

    cheers :)

  19. Thanks for the tip it was just what I was looking for. My page titles look much better now.

  20. Great post. Some of the code that's out there doesn't work with newer blogger templates. Thanks!

  21. Worked for me, thanks, it was driving me nuts!

  22. really it's too nice article in a useful site :)

    go ahead and ihope u visit me soon on my blog)

  23. please i need to ask u if i wana make title in head of pages of my blog and another title in every article i post it on my blog can i do this or no?!!

    so, please visit my blog soon and leave me a comment with your replay


  24. Thanks for such a nice post
    i have used and satisfied with it

    Thanks Again

  25. Awesome dude. i made it work.. thanks for the great trick.. check mine guys..

  26. I am waaaaay late in the game on this, but this has been bugging me for a while on my own blog. Thanks so much for the info!

  27. Works like magic for me! Thanks for info! Changed my blog post titles in couple of minutes.

  28. Just applied it and finally it's changed. I will appreciate you for this.

  29. for my main page
    i need title to be same

    and for this

    i need another title say "jokeS"

    how would i do it.Please tell the exact code

  30. and if possible also tell example for meta tags as well

  31. one thing I know that the meta title often appears in the search results.


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