Is Flipkart launching Marketplace model ?

Flipkart LogoFlipkart – the Indian online megastore has been under a lot of news, whether it is related to their ‘Awesome’ customer service, the mega funding rounds or even if it is their TV advertisements.They have been scaling very fast lately, but as they aim to become, ‘Amazon of India’ the larger threat of entry but they global biggies looms large. Govt. had been delaying FDI in multibrand retail for long, but today the Indian Govt. Cabinet gave its nod to FDI in multibrand retail.

With the threat of Amazon’s and Walmart’s of the world now imminent , maybe Flipkart has been toying around with the idea of opening up its platform for individual sellers as well (the marketplace model of eBay, Amazon, Tradus and the new entrant SellonSnapDeal by snapdeal)

Look what does a quick search of the word flipkart on the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) website gives.

Flipkart Launching marketplace

Reference number ‘B56889603’ referring to ‘FLIPKART MARKETPLACE PRIVATE LIMITED’ approved just a couple of days back on 12th September 2012.

Well it seems Flipkart is taking the threat seriously, and evolving quickly with the changing times. But that is how it has been with the Indian ecommerce market, highly dynamic and evolving. So how does the market shapes up in coming years to come, but what it seems is that it would be the small business owners and consumers who are going to win.

What do you think about the plans of Indian online retail giant Flipkart regarding a marketplace model ? Would the ‘famed’ customer service decrease ? Tell us your views in the comments below.