Zerg Rush – A Google Doodle to kill your time

According to Wikipedia ‘Zerg’ is a character from the RTS game ‘StarCraft’ who assimilate other races in pursuit of genetic perfection. And what a way Google has found out to help you kill your spare time with this new Google Doodle ‘Zerg Rush’. It has created an interactive shooting game that not only keeps you frantically clicking your mouse but also gives you a score which you can share with your friends.


Zerg Rush

To try this new doodle just type 'Zerg Rush’ in Google search.

The next thing you will see small ‘O’s in Google colours coming up and start eating your search results, but that's not all what it is all about. Just aim at them and start shooting them by clicking on them and watch their health decrease and die.

Once all the search results are gobbled up, you can see your score and even share it with your friends on Google Plus.

Last but not the least all the remaining O’s come together and create a giant GG (a gaming term usually said at the end of a game meaning ‘Good Game’)

Zerg Rush GG

An addictive game nevertheless and with scores given to compete with each other its one of the good doodles by Google, but on the hindsight with the only sharing option being on Google+ , seems Google is trying to gain some more traction on its social networking site by positively utilizing your spare time.

So all you FPS gamers, do a Zerg Rush and share your scores here.

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