Facebook New Photo Viewer [Theatre] Feature

facebook_logoFacebook has started rolling out its new Photo viewer feature to everyone. This was one feature that had apparently leaked out last year in an accidental update. Facebook had since then taken downtime to rollback them, but a friend of mine Sarandeep always had this light box version of Photo viewer active on his profile with photos being viewed in black background.



This is how the new PhotoViewer (Theatre) feature looks like, kind of lightbox popup which pops as soon as you click a photo. Then as before you can use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the album.

Some Noticeable changes that you can notice upfront are:

  • Visible Navigation buttons
  • Close button on the top right
  • Like and comment buttons at bottom left
  • An option of downloading the photograph which was not present before(only Hi-res pictures were available for download before).
  • No need to leave the page you are currently to view Photos

What certainly is missing out is the ease of navigation from one album to another using the hyperlinks that were available in earlier version of Photo Viewer as with clicking outside the photo viewer accidentally would close the popup.

So far so good, the new Theatre feature is 3/5 for me, majorly because the that extra navigation you need to do to view other albums.

Let us know how you felt about the new Photo viewer. Till then Happy Networking.

Photo Courtesy : Saksham Gupta


  1. Cool, is there another feature so there will be a few reasons to not stop using facebook?


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