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Hide Application Updates in Facebook

Facebook has been growing in popularity subsantially lately, and moreso in India. as of late it has started out as a pretty good competitor for Orkut in India, which still by and large is the most popular social network. One of the most popular things to do in Facebook is playing games and using Applications commonly referred as Apps.

Now with this comes the real nuisance, as the apps start growing in popularity, more and more people start using it. And with taht the apps start posting updates to the users wall. Now this can be irritating to most users, who either do not play those games / apps and or are not interested in those updates.

Now here is a very simple way to hide such updates from appearing onto your home page.
Whenever you see such an update, all you haveto do is, hover to the top right of the post, a 'HIDE' button would be visible, click on that, Select Hide application(app nme would be displayed there), and you are done.
Please do not select Hide User (user/person's name) as all the updates from that user would be hidden then.

Here is a snapshot for your referral.

So till then enjoy, facebook... That is a lot cleaner facebook ;)

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what i really need is a way to block event emails that come from events i have no interest in without having to go to facebook every day and select 'not attending' to like 10 events! i know you can elect to not receive event emails but i don't want to block my real friends. facebook should make it so that you only receive event emails from those you have selected maybe/yes to attend. anyway just ranting... great post here! thanks for the tip. :)

Great tricks to hide the application about it.. I am really a enjoy to read this...Thanks for share with us..

Thanks for pointing this out. It made me look into it more and found something else out that im afraid I will not share right now sorry guys

Sweet tips. I think I will actually make us of this!

Very Interesting post Dude I like it. Keep posting.

You can block everything by poking the X in the top right hand corner, I think it says hide. Then that's it.You can reduce the amount of material you publish, but the control of what you see of other is low.

I don't have Internet on my phone, but it says if I use my phone to text Facebook updates, I'll receive my friends' updates to my phone. I don't want to receive updates to my phone, I only want to be able to update my own account.

I am definitely already doing this because of the fact that I like to remain very private on facebook, and I have like basicaly no updates being sent out =D

Till then,


@ jean
No updates being sent out, and using this you can hide unwanted updates from your friends and applications

you can text it to a number after you set up mobil facebook, and they have options to be notified. and if it still sends it to you, you can go on to mobil web and update it.

I signed up for twitter then linked my twitter to my cell phone and then my facebook. Your twitter will update from your phone and your facebook will update from your twitter.

I've got someone on my facebook friends list that updates her page about once every 5 minutes. I don't like having to sort thru her useless updates but I don't want to remove her as a friend either (I don't need the drama).

I wrote a new LiveJournal blog post about 20 minutes ago, and have Facebook set up to import my blog posts. It's already imported all my old ones; how long does it take for Facebook to check for new blog posts.

Thanks for the tip!

I did not knew that! These apps are SOOO annoying, Ill be using this trick now!

i never imagine this can be done. thanks for posting this wonderful tip.

I thought it did that automatically. Check your settings -> Privacy -> News Feed and Applications and make sure the things checked are what you want checked. You might have hidden all feeds from that application.

Boy am I glad I don't have to deal with all of these facebook problems. The whole site is a big waste of time.

In my opinion, all of these pointless apps lowers the quality of facebook. At least there is a way to hide all of those annoying updates.

On your news feed you can click "remove from news feed" next to their status update to remove them, and choose who you want to see and who you don't want to see.

You could also use Selective Twitter Status to link to your Twitter account and post the selective Tweets onto your Facebook.

You are not alone with "facebook frustration" . . . for the first three months, I had to renew my password every time I logged in. If your husband is one of your "friends", and vice versa, then you should be able to see each others updates.

Unfortunately, right now the only way to hide annoying applications from your news feed is to just click on the "Hide" button whenever one appears in your feed.

I really like this feature.Facebook is my all time favorite social networking site.

There have been a lot of recent google searches for view private facebook profiles. We have to be careful. Great Site.

It is undeniable that facebook is most famous social networking, users is massively growing. And its application are really great widely used by different business sectors to promote services and product and of course to get in touch with acquaintances.

No doubt that Facebook is really the fastest growing social networking.And it is one of my favorite.

Hmm..I guess I haven't explored Facebook that much yet. There has been a lot of updates about it. Do you have a favorite app in Facebook? :)

No doubt that facebook is massively growing and there are many advantage upon having a facebook account. You can use it to get connected to your acquaintances and get potential client by using it upon marketing your product or services. There are FB application that are really interesting and if you don't want it just disable it.^^

ı guess ı havent explored face that much yet

No, that never happens to me cause tagging doesn't really do anything except tag that person on the picture. I think it's just your internet.

You can text it to a number after you set up mobil facebook, and they have options to be notified. and if it still sends it to you, you can go on to mobil web and update it.

I would seriously suggest you not installing that app on your phone. It totally screwed up my BB calender. The only good thing it did was put the pictures of the people from facebook in my contacts but everything else was a mess.

the 'news feed' in home, use the 'live feed' (its a tab to the right of the 'news feed' one under the place where you can change you status). this will show you all the feeds of everyone instead of just a selected few like the news feed does.

I wish Facebook would think of things like that. You used to be able to, but not with the new Facebook.

Facebook has a Notes feature, which is similar to a blog. I'm not quite sure about having a blog site show up on your Facebook, though. You could share an external blog as a link, but the posts won't show up in your profile unless you manually share them.

I have it on my blackberry, I'm almost positive you can adjust it from facebook. There is a facebook mobile section where you can choose what notifications come to your phone. Because I have everything stopped exccept birthday reminders.

I think facebook really overlooked how annoying application updates would be. It should be extremely easy to block that nonsense.

How do i change friends recent activity updates on my homepage to view ones i want and to not view others in FaceBook?

I'm trying to figure out if there is any way to make a list or somehow make a document showing only my facebook updates since I joined. I've searched through the apps, but haven't been able to find anything.

@Aluminum: I think Farmville is one of the biggest culprits. It's forced down the users in all the ads and updates 24/7. And they make millions from it.

Till then,


@classified: That's not possible to do yet, but I heard it might be a future feature. :)

Till then,


I tested out hiding an application and it hid all updates from the person who used that application and after clicking to show the hidden updates, updates from that person are gone and the application updates didn’t come back either.

okay, i've asked this before, and i hate doing that bu i just don't get any really helpful answers.

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Hi,I can log on to Facebook fine and go on friends profiles. But I can't seem to load the applications.

Perhaps your friend deleted the page to create a false groundswell movement against the musical and the backing company in order to draw in sympathy and support for a new page they will begin soon.

If she didnt respond it could be for one of two reasons, she read the message and intended to go back later and respond but she didn't (i do this all the time) or she read it and chose not to respond.

How do you "unhide" things in facebook? So, on my main page, not the profile, but the Home screen where are the news updates are, I hid a status updat

You can select it by left-clicking then click on Hide.

Till then,


@wa: You have to pay for some applications.

Till then,


@it: You have to go into settings and unhide what you previously hid to see them again.

Till then,


great blog!

great site

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