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WolframAlpha – Computational Engine

Wolfram Alpha So you always thought that Web was all about searches and huge compilation of searches. You were right, but what about when you enter something in a search box and press enter. All you get is a set of links depicting what might be closest to what you had entered. What if you wished to do some calculations, or get info about something, and you need not go clicking on multiple links that the search page reveals.

WolframAlpha is for you

While WolframAlpha changes the way you hit the search box, it also does a hell lot of things for you. Be it be getting info about some day in the past, current info about a place, do mathematical sums and equations, knowin stock prices or whatever. WolframAlpha surely is a computational engine, rather than being what others are – ‘search engine’

Wolfram Alpha

The Innovative engine is launched by Wolfram Research, and surely is something to look out for in the future. Who else now wants to solve those complex trigonometric equations when you have an engine to do it right away for you.

Happy Computing…

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A revolutionary new search engine that computes answers rather than pointing to websites will be launched officially today amid heated talk that it could challenge the might of Google.

I've tested and tried out Wolfram, I think it's decent, but it's pretty obvious that it is still in it's infancy, because some of the searches I conducted, the answers were very plain, and some were totally different than what I had searched for, even though they were in the same "area".


Yea randy,
it is still quite nascent, but would be better with due wime. Lets give the developers sometime to refine adn retune it.

That is the search engine of future. It such innovative research by Wolfram.

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aw heck I wish I had something like this when I was in highschool, cheating on homework would be so damn easy nowadays

Written by : aaron on : Jul 18, 2009, 12:09:00 AM  

I've been presently surprised with the results of the WolframAlpha search engine. The most fun search for me, was doing a search on "$120,000/yr".

Till then,


Today i heard that Microsoft and Yahoo had tied their hand for next ten years. I thinks they both wanna fight with Google.

this is going to be one big slugfest.. for sure..

I think this website would have big potential if they had actually chosen a marketable name. As it is now, only the nerds will find offense to anyone here :)

Nice Post !! But i need More info About this Please give me details about Computational Engine.

I don't think Wolfram Alpha will compete with the likes or Google, MSN & Yahoo, nor was it meant to be. It seems to be more of a geek's version of wikipedia, but based on facts only. They wanted to weed out the other bs that other people add over time.

Why are people actually thinking this is meant to be a competitor to search engines like Google? It is a completely different service.

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