Weirdest & Funniest Orkut Errors

orkut_logo Now as with India, Most people love Orkut, and it can be simply regarded as the Most popular social network in India, and with that fanatic fan following, we do face some weird Errors. And here I have tried to make some of the weirdest errors ever noticed on Orkut. Some of them are pretty funny and some are silly. Have a look.

Here we go :

1. Wait for some time to send scrap

post scrap after few minutes

This was one really sick message. Two strangers can’t chat on Orkut. Either add as a friend, or wait for sometime for each scrap to be sent. Now This one was bad.

2. Orkut Under Maintenance


This was a maintenance, which Orkut underwent a couple of months ago. and unlike most maintenance schedules of Orkut, this one was a major one. We could not log onto Orkut for quite some hours.

3. Can’t Create Scrap


Now Frankly speaking I don’t know the meaning of this message. I mean Why can’t I send a scrap to one of my friends, and above that, Why can’t I create it.

4. Try Orkut in Google Chrome

try orkut in chrome

This might be a Marketing strategy for Google, but for the end user it is one of the naggiest messages to be ever seen on Orkut. As if the ads on communities were not enough, that we have been asked to use a new browser.

5. Could not Understand Request


This one is quite Funny. If the Orkut can’t understand the request, then who is expected to do it.

If you have any other funny incident with Orkut do let us know, along with a snapshot of that ;)


  1. Great buddy but i would have placed one more error My hundreds of fakes got deleted on orkut when i log in says your profile is deleted.. that is very big error orkut shows should inform them about it ..hehe

  2. lol............when it sayz tat "you cant create this scrap" it means tat da user person has added you in his/her ignore list!!......

    people in ignore list cant send scraps to teh person who ignored them......

  3. No it wasn't because of ignore list...
    relogin back to Orkut solved it.. Maybe some weird bug that time...

  4. When a picture modified using Picasa is tried to upload to orkut photos, upload error comes.

  5. Orkut is really popular in Brazil too. Actually, its pretty darn popular in most areas of the globe. Its annoying when the site is undergoing maintenance, especially if you have to wait such a long time before you can use it. You are right about the last one though, it's a pretty silly error message.


  6. When a picture modified using Picasa is tried to upload to orkut photos, upload error comes.

  7. does anybody actually use orkut? I guess so, but I barely spend time on facebook and it's the best one out there! let me know what you think

  8. orkut is way behind facebook in terms of popularity.. and is kinda more popular in india and brazil... and is more buggy than facebook

  9. How to make a photograph suitable for adding to orkut?

  10. Yeah Orkut is pretty cool. The most popular social networking site in many countries actually. Wow that's crazy though, lol "you must wait 7 minutes before sending another scrap" lol. And waiting for hours while the site is under maintenance... no bueno. Pretty annoying faults here, albeit funny. Facebook has had some glitches too, some pretty annoying but I don't think they have been this bad.

    Till then,


  11. Lol yea, Facebook is pretty clean in that respect...

  12. Those are some amusing errors. I guess any complex website like that is bound to have some kind of bugs. That is if their programmers do not properly test everything.

  13. It is surprising that orkut is the most popular social networking site in India. Here in Canada, facebook dominates. I guess each network chooses their regions they want to target first.


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