Sync Firefox bookmarks and passwords

image All of us need to keep our passwords in safe place. Firefox is one of the most preferred browser for Power users , and Almost all of us keep bookmarks and passwords saved in Firefox itself. There used to be an extension named Google Browser sync, which used to do all the password syncing work with ease.

Foxmark is a Firefox extension which syncs all your Firefox bookmarks on different PCs, so that you would never miss the Bookmarks anywhere you go. In addition to storing bookmarks , it also saves your Firefox Passwords, so that they also can be retrieved elsewhere.

All you have to do is create a free account at Foxmarks. (This can be easily done while setting up Foxmarks on your PC.) Remember your Username and Password. They have an additional info named PIN code, which you should remember to access your synchronized passwords.


After setting it all, just click on synchronize , and you are done with your Password and Bookmarks syncing. The tool is a breeze to use with and should be preferred by anyone who wishes to access same settings from anywhere on the web.You can access your Bookmarks by visiting my Foxmarks.

Links : Foxmarks Homepage | Foxmarks extension


  1. Firefox has just gained more marketshare than IE. it's about time right? there's still people out there using IE 6. Can you believe that?

  2. @Camaros, alot of people are still using IE 6 because they don't know any better. Which is why internet Explorer has such a large market share.

    As far as Foxmarks, apparently they changed their name to Xmarks now, but I still do enjoy using the addon they have on the Firefox side =D

    Till then,


  3. I wish I had known about this tool last time I went on vacation. I brought my girlfriend's laptop. So I had to write down every single password I thought I might need. Some of them I did not even remember since they are stored in my browser. This would've saved a lot of time.

  4. on the bar at the top of the new window you should see a button to import or backup. It will export your bookmarks to an html file.

  5. This is useful to know as i use several computers in different locations. Easier than using twitter to store links. Thanks

  6. Hi Gareth,

    Glad that you liked it.


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