VLC 0.92 available now

What we are talking about is one of the best freeware music players available on the Planet, Yeah that's the VideoLan Player aka VLC media player. Version 0.92 has been made available for download, which has a loads of tweaks , from Graphical/interface to fixing of some bugs. No more codec needed to play those files and even more support has been added for flash files.

The first cool thing that you would notice in the VLC media player is the new interface, which is by and far more stylish than the earlier interface that we are used to. On playing a video it displays the name of the file initially which fades later, Menus are clean and simple, with easy accessibility being the highpoints. Another thing noticeable is the system tray icon, that comes up as soon as player is started.

vlcApart from these, the best thing is the Playlist , which I think was a drawback in earlier versions, but has been vastly improved now. The features like view as Wallpaper and Screenshots are still available, which means there is no loss in the innovative features that VLC media player had been possessing since quite sometime. Along with this better support has been added for multivariants of flash videos, Better support for subtitles, Direct play of Videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and similar services.

One more thing I liked about the version was better rendering of FLV and .mov files , the player does not crash on changing the seek bar with these type of files. This along with the making playback speed up and slow down, makes it even more better.

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