Google Chrome : Next Big Browser ?

Google Chrome had been in news for last some time, It was rumored to be the browser being developed by Google itself. Google with a browser!!!, so what happens to Google's love to Mozilla Firefox? It was reported by Philipp Lenssen of Google Blogoscoped, and it certainly created quite a curiosity.

Now Google has made it official that they are going to release Chrome in some time soon, and it is going to be a fully open-source browser. So far so good, but whats the specialty of chrome that we should prefer it over others? As it looks from the Comic book that Google has released, it looks like that The main emphasis is going to be on Stability and it would be focused on things how we use browser today. As a start from scratch product it would be totally different from what other browsers today are.

Google has released the Comic book depicting the Ideas behind the project to all, and it can be viewed from here : Google Chrome Comic Book It is a lengthy read, but you can go through it if you wish.
Google also reported that it would be releasing Beta version of Chrome in over 100 countries. Good enough, we would be waiting for it.

But one thing is for sure, looks like Google has lost some of its love for Mozilla Firefox, that's why it has come up with its own browser, or maybe it wants to take the pre-dominant Microsoft Head on. Only time will tell. Beta we are waiting for you!


  1. Very interesting – it will need to be better than firfox or the geeks will not change over. Are adsence ads going to be built in?

  2. @ Interview,
    No the adsense ads are not going to be built in, and yet it is a Beta product, so it has to be seen how it shapes up as a full product.

  3. google chrome will be a very competitive browswer, but the do not currently have enough market share... when they improve that, they'll be great

  4. Yea surely Chrome is a good browser... lets see which heights it can achieve


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