Delicious 2.0 Launched

After a wait of almost 10 months since giving a sneak peek into what was an upgrade to the good Old Delicious, Yahoo have finally launched Delicious 2. As has been with the new Facebook design, the new Delicious design is a loot smoother and cleaner.

Its just not only an elegant design but also a uncluttered one too. Not only the overall design they have also brought in many changes in terms of accessibility too.
Some of the features include:
  • Navigation : A lot better organized navigation using menu bars this time.
  • My Tags : Use the tag bar to quickly navigate among the bookmarks and you can even sort the results alphabetically or with chronically.
  • Speed : The speed of the pages have been improved upon and now each page loads faster than ever.
  • Search : As mentioned above search has been improved, and you can search amongst specific tags too.

(More listed Features)

This has been a great improvement over the old Delicious , as the interface is lot more soothing, and if you tag a lot, you can probably search faster too.

LINKS : Check out the New Delicious