Treat for Orkut Users: HTMLorkut

The most famous blog / website for Orkut readers, OrkutPlus has a sister website now. If you are one of those who toy around with Orkut Themes, Custom Messages and other Fancy crafts for Orkut, HtmlOrkut is for you. Gaurav Dua, owner of OrkutPlus has launched HTMLorkut now.

HTMLorkut can be considered as the newbies version of Orkut tweaking. HTMLorkut has truckloads of orkut spice up tweaks. You can find around 2000 graphics and glitters, Over 625 High Quality Games Codes, Over 1000 Orkut Themes. Some Direct links are:
>> Greetings
>> Widgets
>> Generators
>> Themes
>> Musical Scraps
>> ASCII art
>> Games and much more

So now spice up your orkut profiles, scraps with these custom glitterati.
Its Great to see that someone taking care of the Orkut customization in such a great way. Keep up the good work Gaurav (its not me).

LINKS : HTMLorkut | OrkutPLUS

And if its not enough, check out this monster post on 1000 Orkut Themes


  1. since orkut allowed HTML orkut has become a lot of vulnerable :(
    I really dont like it allowing HTML :P

  2. @ Siddharth
    Yea, rightly said, but its good as the Orkut team is more focused on its development nowadays.


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