Yahoo Offers Two More Domains for Mail

So were you not getting that desired username on Yahoo!Mail , now is the time to get the same. Yahoo is Offering two more domain names that its users can use for their Emails. The two new listings are and . For the uninitiated these two domains already point to and they are going to have same features too.

The two domain names would be offering all the features of the standard Yahoo! Mail and this gives the users a choice to get the desired usernames, as Yahoo! Mail being one of the oldest and most popular web mail service most desired names were exhausted. A quick web search reveals that RocketMail was one of the earliest free web mail services and was acquired by Yahoo in 1997 ( courtesy Wikipedia )
With the advent of multiple domain names as in the case offered by Microsoft ( and signing into Yahoo! services may now require complete email Ids as against just Usernames till now.
It would be interesting to see whether this is just an attempt to thwart the advances of Gmail or it comes out to be another feather in the cap of Yahoo which is by and large the most popular web mail service followed by Hotmail of Microsoft. Reason being both of them are coping with the features offered by Gmail and especially Free pop and IMAP which are offered by both Yahoo and Microsoft as paid upgrades.
Nevertheless go get your customized ID now before that too runs out. Get your Yahoo! ID

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  1. ya that's a very step taken by yahoo
    because most of people going to use some other email service because they are not able to get the desired username
    but these two new domain names will help users to find their desired username on yahoo!

  2. Yahoo needs the transition back to itself, and this is a pretty good ploy to do so.:)


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