Blogger Adds Awaited Features

This could be one of the days that we may have looked for as a blogger based on Google's Blogger platform. Google and Blogger team delivered a slew features that we have been craving for long, and a whole team of blogger hackers had been working on it to deliver something close to it. But With the latest updates Blogger has adhered to our demands over those issues and made Blogger a pretty much on a par level with other blogging platforms.

There are almost 5 or so new features added to Blogger by the Blogger team. All these features are accessible now from Blogger in Draft, about which we had update some time back. So in order to access these features you will log in to Blogger in draft rather than normal Blogger.

Features that were added:
  • You can make Blogger in Draft as your default Dashboard - so you don't have to specifically login to Blogger in Draft to use the features.
  • Integration with Webmaster tools - another great feature considering that you don't have to manually verify your blogs with webmaster tools.
  • New Post Editor - The post editor has been done with many changes and especially image placements have been made easier, so it may just be fine as placing images properly have always been a tricky issue with blogger. Drag and drop is an easy way to do so. But the HTML view is not like the one I would have liked, you have to do everything manually therein, especially adding URLs, but nevertheless good feature. Another Feature that I missed was the justified alignment of text.
  • Addition of star Ratings - Blogger has added star ratings to the blog posts so that the readers can rate the posts as and when they read it.
  • Import/Export of Blogs - we were missing this service since quite a time as you weren't able to revert back to blogger earlier from other blogging platforms, but now they have added this feature which makes it just as breeze as it should be.
  • Inline Comment Form for Blogger posts - This is the one that had been one of the most sought for feature in Blogger which have been just given light by the Blogger, so you have inline comment form like other blogging platforms on blogger too now.

[Via Blogger in Draft Blog]

Check out for More in Depth explanations of some of these features soon.
It was Amazing to see Blogger team respond so quickly on these issues and that too most of them sorted in just one major update.

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  1. Its gr8 to see that now I dont have to open another window to comment :D

  2. Yea it was a much awaited feature that should have been added long back. and this looks so good :D


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