Google Custom Search Powers Adsense for Search

Adsense for search has been one of the favourites by the bloggers to put in ads on their search pages. But when compared to Google custom search it had many shortcomings , the reason for which it was less preferred by site owners as compared to Google Custom search, which in fact is your very own search engine in many regards.

The First reason was that in Adsense for search you could only search a couple of sites that is your own and the web but in Custom Search you can specify which all sites to search .
Secondly In adsense for search you used to have the check boxes which are of no use in Google Custom search.
So with Google now merging adsense for search with Custom Search there is no need to go and make a custom search engine adn monetize it, this can be simply done through Adsense for Search.Below is a Snapshot:

Also check out this video by Google themselves:

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  1. Thats a cool thing :)
    one feature that still lacks is that google should instead of providing a whole box
    shud also provide the link to a custom searching
    so that we can customize the box to meet our theme de3sign :P

  2. Yeah.. it's so true... but Custom Search is lot better and just a search Box with a search button is kindof okay going in with any kind of website theme. One thing google can do is make Search code to be implemented behind the site themed search boxes without the fear of violating their ToS


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