Adobe Flash Player 10 Beta - Next generation in Flash

Adobe had recently launched Beta of Flash Player 10. And it promises an improved performance , Amazing 3D animation and better text handling. The player had been code-named 'Astro' will allow users to interact with the player like never before.

Adobe Flash Player is used by almost 95% of the web users to view the flash content published on the web and with Microsoft launching silver light to compete against Flash and to deliver richer content , Adobe has taken the battle to next level by launching the next generation of Adobe Flash Player version 10 and this is what technology is all about one technological advancements makes better of other technology.
Flash Player 10 includes following features:
  • Custom Filters and Effects
  • 3D Effects
  • New Text Engine
  • Text Layout Components
  • Drawing API Enhancements
  • Color Management
  • Anti-Aliasing Engine
  • File Reference
  • Dynamic Sound Generation
  • Large Bitmap Support
  • Context Menu
The reason why this version is so much improved because Adobe has incorporated the recommendations from the flash user community into it. So its is more like what the users wanted for their needs.
So Go and download the beta right away and check out the demos at the Adobe website. Remember to uninstall the previous version of Flash before installing version 10 beta.
You can feel some glitches with it sometimes but that is what Beta testing is all about.

DOWNLOAD: Flash Player 10 beta | Flash Player 9 Stable

The version 10 is available for all the three major platforms : Windows , Linux and Macintosh

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  1. hmm..
    I will wait for a stable release :D
    I dont want MY IE to start crashing once again :P
    thx for the info anywayz :D

  2. even though this beta yet the release is quite stable... atleast give it a try its good :)

  3. :D do u knw how to run IE 8 paraller with IE 7 :P
    I want to test my new works on IE 8 too :d
    thx if u knw :)

  4. No sid I don't know about that. It is possible to run IE6 and IE 7 together but still don't know how to do it with IE 8. IE8 beta 1 is lot buggy, and crashes a lot , especially with toolbars. it crashes and recovers and goes into a loop. Display also has problems, some wierd spacings pop out sometimes. :( Lets wait for a stable release of IE8 to come out. and with so much piracy of windows IE6 is still one of the major browsers :P

  5. yep u r correct :)
    I believe I should wait for beta 2
    bcoz I want my system to be of good health otherwise my father will not leave me of anywhere :P

  6. I want to install the adobe flash player in my linux operating system. could you tell me how.


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