Google Talk Addon : GPlus

Now that we are already Discussing Messengers so during next posts we are going to get info about some very uncommon or maybe common tools :P. So first up us GPlus . Now as we all Use Gtalk as one of our most preferred Messengers So In order to spice up Gtalk a Bit GPlus is a great tool.

Now the reason why Gplus is a good tool is due to the fact it is actually Google Talk Enhancer as it is said and adds a host of new features into your Google Talk...
Some of the Features are:
  • Emoticons
  • EmotiSounds
  • Chat logs (save your Chat in HTML format)
  • Text Formatting
  • Text Filter
So Its Worth a try tool... So go ahead and get in your reviews about this...
You can download Gplus From Here : Download Gplus - Google Talk Enhancer
You need to Download Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework. You can get it from here : Download Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework

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