Adobe Media Player - A first Hand Review

Adobe have launched the final version of their media Player that they have named Adobe Media Player. They themselves have described it as a Media Player that gives Flexibility To view the Content Online of Offline and Can also queue up video content from the Internet and also view them later as the case of Offline viewing may be. So lets take a look into the Application as how it fares up.

Adobe Media Player use Flash to play the videos .But still the quality of the videos is quite good and more than plausible.

As you can see this is a sleek App. and is now freely available for download. Both AIR and Adobe Media Player (AMP) can be downloaded from here: Adobe Media Player free Download

The best part of AMP is that it has various featured shows with it, like MTV Cribs, The Hills and many more. And you can watch most of these videos while you are Online on AMP
There is also an option to add your own Videos to the AMP like the flash video (.flv) format, So it also doubles up as a flv Player, but it also has its own amount of bugs with it. Most of the times the Video downloads failed. I was trying to download The Hills and it failed to download and show. Also AMP crashes a lot and more so if you start another video after another video.

Now we have many other free players like VLC PLAYER and MIRO Player that can run flv files and also other File formats which AMP does not do as of yet AMP is up against a tough competition and should do good if all the flaws and bugs are taken out. Still AMP has shown a lot of promise and should do Better.
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  1. i would like download the adobe media player to watch videos and movies on but it says system access is unrestricted and it could harm my pc if anyone did this and it didnt harm ur pc please let me know and help me out a little.... thx

  2. Who said it would harm ???
    I don't think there would be any such issues with AMP


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